The Golden Years

PEI Community Schools wanted to celebrate their 50th year by releasing a book about their unique program. 

Celebrating 50 years of sharing, learning, and working together.

The winter of 1965-1966 saw the birth of community school on Prince Edward Island. Now after 50 years the program is still going strong. It is remarkable that a program like this, run by volunteers, could last so long. What a wonderful way to learn new skills and never have to worry about a final exam! At community school no one fails; everyone is a winner. 

Prince Edward Island is the only province in Canada that enjoys the luxury of such a unique type of education. Thanks to our Island government and to all the people of Prince Edward Island for making this wonderful program possible.



Do You Need A Book? 

Are you or your organization in need of a book that will catalog your journey and history? Susan Rodgers will call upon her background in historical research (from years of working at museums) and skills as an author of many novels, short stories and screenplays to write you one. Contact Susan for more information.