Susan is an author and filmmaker from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Her first series of novels, the angsty Drifters series, has captured the hearts and imaginations of readers worldwide.

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A Sacred Peace

Book Eleven of The Drifters Series

When Josh moves to Alberta to start work on Charlie’s new series, Sacred Peace, he finds the best way to escape past hurts is to lose himself in his new fictional world. In Vancouver, Jessie buries herself in recording the new soundtrack for Sacred Peace



Watch Over Me

Book Twelve of The Drifters Series

Jessie and Matt. The friendship and trust between them is the soul-kind shared by soldiers who have been through bloody, spirit-weary battles. Their hearts are united in a forlorn solidarity, the kind that only comes out on the other side of war.



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A Song For Josh Audiobook!

Plans are underway to record the rest of the series as well. Available at:

Drifters Book Trailer

It has always been my dream to see the Drifters series make its way into the medium of film...

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Interviewed in The Guardian

Susan Rodgers is a P.E.I. filmmaker. She’s also an award-winning writer. Her worlds converge in the Drifter Series, her four-volume romance collection chronicling the lives of actors Jessie Wheeler and Josh Sawyer...

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Interviewed on the CBC 

I was interviewed by host Karen Mair on CBC radio, for the popular Prince Edward Island program Mainstreet...

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