Are you a member of a book club?


Take some pics of your group members reading the Drifters books, and share them on social media! Tag me so I can see the photos. Or send them to me at so I can share them! Occasionally I do a draw from the names of readers who share pics. I love mailing each winner a signed copy of one of the books :)

Here are some questions you might like to ask during your book club discussions:

1.   At the beginning of the series, Charlie is characterized as a party boy. How does he eventually redeem himself? 

2.   Why does Jessie have such a long- reaching capacity for forgiveness? Why, in particular, does she keep Charlie in her life, and vice versa?

3. What events spiral Josh into despair and addictions in the first place?

4.   What is it about music that Jessie finds so healing? Is it because she needs to disappear inside melodies and lyrics as a survival mechanism, or does music help her feel connected to a Divine force bigger than herself? Give examples of her connections to music, at times when the gift of song carries her away and, sometimes, offers shelter in the storms.

5.   At Jack Deacon's invitation, Charles and Deirdre take a chance on Jessie. Why? What is it about the quiet homeless waif that draws her to them? What is it about Jessie that makes her trustworthy? Is it simply a shared faith? Intuition? Discuss.

6.   Has there been a time in your life that you were lonely? Did you seek out friendships to help you through that difficult time? If you haven't...try. It's worth it. Trust me. (I know. The books came from a very lonely place. Jessie and I 'get' each other). Loneliness is often attributed to seniors, but believe me, it can be far reaching, and can affect anyone at any age. It's devastating. You don't have to be alone. Take a chance on new friendships. People just might surprise you!

7.   'Places' are characters in the Drifters books. Prince Edward Island is a healing island; Vancouver is a busy mountain-hugged hippie city. What places matter to you, and why?

8.   Like most couples, Jessie and Josh occasionally fight. They hurt each other, sometimes in very dramatic ways. What continues to draw them together? How do they get past the bad times?

9.   (Books 9-12) Jacob has a powerful role in Jessie's life. He's at times her anchor, her support, her lover, her healer, her saviour, and her musical soulmate. But one day he acts irrationally, through anger, and his action spirals Jessie and Josh down another dark road. What is it about Jacob that's redeemable? Do you agree with Jessie's handling of what he did? Discuss.

10. (Books 9-12) One of my favorite themes in all of the books is Josh's connection to Blue. What is it about him that draws him to this troubled horse? What is it about Josh - a man with lingering addictions issues - that makes us love him so much?

11.   Is there a time in your life when music helped you through a tough time? What genre of music helps you?

Thank you for taking the time to read these discussion questions. If you feel like sending me any of yours or your group's responses, or even some questions or themes you'd like to see included here, feel free to send them along to me at

If you're in the local area, I'd love to visit your book club. If you're in some far corner of the world, once again I welcome your photos and thoughts, and if anyone is interested in signed copies of any of the books, I'd be happy to oblige! These can be ordered from the above email address.

Also, I would appreciate any reviews you or your group feel like sharing, especially on Amazon and on Goodreads. Your thoughts on those sites as well as any sharing on social media help new readers discover the Drifters books. Thank you!

Happy reading!