Since attending Vancouver Film School, I’ve honed my craft on a number of local client documentaries. They’ve proven to be a great training ground as well as an interesting assortment of projects that have taught me about every subject from the history of a building to the evolution of co-ops on Prince Edward Island.



The Healing Place

A Prince Edward Island sanctuary challenges nature to offer hope, healing and renewal after heartbreaking personal loss.

What drives a small but dedicated group of people to build and nurture a natural sanctuary in the centre of PEI to promote healing after the loss of a child? Can they find renewal in the healing power of nature in Prince Edward Island’s International Children’s Memorial Place, in an area itself devastated by nature’s power to give and take after a dam breach in 2009 wreaked havoc and destroyed the once beautiful historic Scales Pond? What keeps these people going, from where do they draw their strength? The Healing Place is a story of peace, love and the incredible power nature has to heal – if we let it.

A short promo for the film The Healing Place, about the International Children's Memorial Place in Prince Edward Island, Canada.


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