My next goal on the bucket list is to create a feature drama. Writing the Drifters series was magical for me – people call me a very visual writer. I suppose that’s because I can see the story play out quite clearly in my head. There are moments in the books that I can hear music play alongside…and I really want to capture that magic in a visual medium.

I’ve made short films and have worked in various capacities on sets (everything from office duties on The Amazing Race to craft, to hosting, driving, and helping sort out locations, to wardrobe on-set continuity assistant, to first assistant camera to camera operator, and more!). Of course I also write, produce and direct. My favorite? I love to write, but it’s directing that holds my heart – it’s a magical experience, directing actors in order to take a scene from a bland nothingness to an interesting, captivating interplay, all set against a visual backdrop.  



Bobby's Peace

After the hell of overseas bomber missions, two World war II flyers find peace in an unlikely place – Summerside Prince Edward Island, and in the friendship of a family who takes them in.

Bobby’s Peace was my first film, shot on super 16mm ‘back in the day,’ and before I attended film school. I’m proud of it, and it aired numerous times on CBC and on Bravo, but I know I can do a lot better today!


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