Like A Song


Like A Song


Late one evening after a show, Dallas White’s 2 security chief and friend, Matt Kelly, is forced to take Dallas aside to give him tragic news. Immediately, Dallas must take Cassie, Ry, and his young daughter, Jade, to a remote Alberta ranch.

When he gets there, he’s astonished to discover that a small, silent, soulful child has been thrust into the family fold.

The child, four-year-old Hunter, has gifts that lend him the air of a wise old soul. He’s lonely and sad, and feeling very much abandoned. Worse, nobody – especially Dallas – has a clue how to incorporate him into their lives.

Like A Song is a story about a family torn apart by grief, and a child who lands smack dab in the middle of the storm. Rugged Alberta ranch country provides a stunning glimpse into nature’s healing powers, and wild horses light the way towards peace. Readers will thrill to the addition of Drifters series favorite Matt Kelly to Dallas’ world and, as always, to the heartaches and hopes of the Drifters universe.

This book is an independent part of the Drifters universe.

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