When The West Wind Moves


When The West Wind Moves


Listen to the wind,
it talks.
Listen to the silence,
it speaks.
Listen to the heart,
it knows.
-Native American Proverb.

We’ve been handed an opportunity here, boys. We can end this unholy war and save this family.


It would be great if they were always black and white, but the truth is, most times choices are gray. 

After the unthinkable happens, the Keating camp is left reeling. Strangely, out of the turmoil a rainbow appears. It’s a light in the storm; it’s calm amidst chaos. However, there’s a down side, and it’s tied to a choice. On one side is safety and security, on the other is more fear - fear of the unknown.

Suddenly an old adage haunts Jessie…

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

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