Watch Over Me


Watch Over Me


“How much of your life have you spent being completely devoted to this woman and her family?”

Stepping forward, Catherine yanked at Matt’s T-shirt. Drawing it down hard over his shoulder, she brushed a thumb across the New York scar. Now, her tone was a tearful whisper. “Is this not devotion, Matt? Is this not love?”

Jessie and Matt. The friendship and trust between them is the soul-kind shared by soldiers who have been through bloody, spirit-weary battles. Their hearts are united in a forlorn solidarity, the kind that only comes out on the other side of war.

 There is a new war at play now, and it’s rooted in Charlie’s TV show, Sacred Peace. It pits Jessie against the men she trusts with her husband’s life. There is another man, one whom she has always relied on for help, and who she wants to turn to, but he is lost in a new battle - the kind that wrecks hearts and destroys spirits. The kind that is fought without regard for sanity or reason.

The kind that pits a man against himself.

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