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Healing is the hardest part...

Quaint patchwork Prince Edward Island, Canada, has turned out to be a great place to hide. In an attempt to reconnect after the tumultuous and terrifying events of the past few years, singer Jessie Wheeler and actor Josh Sawyer have squirreled themselves into a weathered grey farmhouse on the island’s north shore, where they find themselves lost in a rip current of fear and bad memories they feel powerless to escape.

One day, an old Wheeler family friend shoves a mysterious white box under their noses. Afraid it will unleash more pain the couple feel they can’t handle as they try to heal past hurts, they leave it untouched. But its insidious contents beckon and taunt them as it sits in a corner gathering dust.

A film role offers Josh an escape from Jessie’s torment and apparent unwillingness to beat back her fearful past, but does he dare leave her alone? And how can they, as a couple, embrace a new beginning after so many endings?

A riptide can be merciless and unforgiving…especially after a storm.

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