Listen To The River


Listen To The River


‘Close your eyes, and listen to the river.
Open your heart, and let the water flow.’

A wish was in those eyes – Jessie could see it plain as day, hovering just beneath the surface. It was accompanied by genuine sorrow and a sprinkle of peace.

Idyllic Prince Edward Island has always been touted as a land of healing, a place of rest. For the Sawyers, the land of the bright red mud offers unexpected bliss and treasured family time. Yet, as much as Jessie has always wanted to live a ‘normal life,’ in P.E.I. she realizes that she and her family will never be normal. Something’s missing - early morning set calls, the happy hubbub of cast and crew, the glamour of big shows. Cherished friends and family are out of reach.

There must be a way to find balance in this new life. Jessie must stand back and trust the two men she loves the most to forge a forward path over troubled water. Only then can everyone move ahead with grace. Only then can the Sawyers live the happy, full lives they’ve been destined to live all along.

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