And Then There Was Silence

And Then There Was Silence cover.jpg
And Then There Was Silence cover.jpg

And Then There Was Silence


When it splinters, suddenly the meaning of family is even more profound.

Jessie finally gets the ‘go ahead’ to reconnect with long lost relatives, but those in her protective circle grow wary. Is she strong enough to handle the fallout, be it good or bad?

Jessie hopes for healing and a blood connection. What she finds surprises everyone, as they once again learn from her seemingly endless capacity to forgive, and to help others get past old hurts.

In the meantime, she struggles to maintain some semblance of control over her busy life despite its ever-changing landscape. But there are those who are growing tired of Jessie’s capacity for ‘going rogue,’ and whose hard decisions force Jessie to carry on with a new loss hanging over her shoulders.

It seems that, when it comes to family, Jessie must struggle to hold everyone together – the old and the new.

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